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Amazing people. That’s you. Thank you.

Some updates about May 22nd, and ongoing.

Yes, restaurants can reopen their dining rooms, etc. However, we are going to roll this all out reeeeaaalll slow-like. So, tomorrow, Friday, May 22nd, we will have VERY LIMITED SEATING outside in the front of the restaurant and on our patio. We will continue to do CURBSIDE, DELIVERY and WALK-UP along with the LIMITED OUTDOOR SEATING. Josh and I are rolling pretty lean staff-wise and we want to make sure we can accommodate you and give you the great experience you remember and expect from us.

So, here are some other things:

Table Size: Seating is spaced far apart, please don’t move the tables or chairs. We will only be able to seat parties of 4 or less due to the size of the table to ensure distancing. We are gonna use the trust factor here that you are dining with people already in your circle. Again, there will be NO inside seating.

Disposables: We are switching to recyclable paper products for dine-in customers. Our take-out patrons will continue to receive the re-usable containers. You might not know this but the paper ones don’t recycle –not in Lexington anyway, and they take a LONG time to break down so they aren’t better for the environment. Re-usable and washable are better but we know those are going to wind up in the garbage and well, that’s pretty gross. So, we are trying to do the best for your safety and the safety of Mother Earth as best we can under the circumstances. Basically, nothing will be self-serve.

Ordering: Review the menu online. Either order and pay online , call us (859-286-9239), or order at the front door. For dine-in customers, we will call you to come pick up your order. Walk-up and curb customers will roll like we have been. There will be NO paper menus. ALL MENUS ARE ONLINE.

We will add hours and tables as we can but for now we will add more outdoor seating on May 27 and add more hours beginning June 2. Please see our FB page for the most up-to-date information.

PS–if you are curious which guidelines we are following inside the restaurant, feel free to read this from the James Beard Foundation and The Aspen Institute. We are using this as our guide.

Thanks! Robbie & The Krewe



Wednesday:   Lunch: 12:00-2:00  /  Dinner: 5:00 – 8:00

Thursday:   Lunch: 12:00-2:00  /  Dinner: 5:00 – 8:00

Friday:   Lunch: 12:00-2:00  /  Dinner: 5:00 – 8:00



    1. Go to our menu here.
    2. Add menu items to your cart.
    3. Choose your fulfillment method (pickup, curb or delivery).
    4. Give yourself a hug for supporting a local, small business.
    5. Enjoy your meal!

A note from the Krewe;

Thank you all so much for the support during this time of weird and wild life. You have purchased gift cards, helped us donate food to charities in town that needed support badly. You are all such good people.

We are going to throw our hat in the ring and give this take-out/curbside and delivery thang a shot and see what happens.

We have to try to put some of our people back to work. We have to see you (even if through the glass) and we have to do something that feels like we are contributing some support in some way, shape or form –or bowl, in our case. 

To that, we will have limited hours and a shorter menu to start. If warranted, we’ll add more hours, more days and more menu items. 

Stay safe, stay sane, stay positive, 

Robbie, Josh, Jeni, Keenan & Peyton



    1. Go to our menu here.
    2. Order what you like.
    3. Choose pickup or delivery.
    4. Give yourself a hug for supporting a local, small business.
    5. Enjoy your meal!

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